ServicePlus Logo

It starts with our new, updated logo, but our new website is cleaner, with multiple ways to find what you're looking for including a search function.

We’ve made the site easier to use

We’ve added search functionality!

We also cleaned up the design so that what’s important to you stands out on the page. There’s more white space and higher-contrast colours to help you easily see what you’re looking for.

Those higher-contrast colours also mean that our site is more accessible than ever. When we design for all of our members, everyone benefits.

We made it easier to read

We focused on clarity. So the details are front and centre, along with any instructions you’ll need to get your discount. And if there's any fine print on a deal with a partner, it's not so fine.

We made it faster

The site is built on a new platform so there’s a whole lot of work that went into parts of the site that we never see but the results are obvious.

From cleaning up code to optimizing images, the whole site is faster, helping you get the information you need to save money with ServicePlus.