Save on prescription medication with Mednow

We’ve partnered with an innovative Canadian company to bring you something that helps both today you and future you.

MedNow is a fully-licensed online pharmacy with truly exceptional pricing, (we checked), service and a network of pharmacies that can usually get your medications to you the same day. They offer a secure, simple to use app and website for ordering, optional automatic refills and renewals and a proprietary PillSmart system at no extra cost to make daily medications easy to take and hard to forget.

“But why?” you might ask, your medications are covered by your health insurance through your employer.

Well, first of all, costs will go down with Mednow, which is good.

Rising healthcare costs affect us all, so beyond being the right thing to do, reducing overall plan costs on medication means that there can be more money available to negotiate other essential health care options.

Visit the Mednow page to learn how you can start saving on prescriptions.